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Things you need to know about general anesthesia

What comes to mind when your doctor tells you that you need to have surgery with general anesthesia? Maybe afraid, worry, or negative thoughts appear? Now, in order not to panic, you need to first understand things related to general anesthesia. When undergoing medical procedures that use total anesthesia, you actually will not be aware, do not feel pain, and do not remember anything. Before determining the type of anesthesia to be used, the doctor will also usually do a thorough examination first. Prior Anesthetic Inspection General anesthesia or often known as general anesthesia is one type of anesthesia method used to ensure that the patient is unconscious, does not remember, does not feel pain, and does not move during surgery. Before surgery with general anesthesia, the doctor will perform anamnesa (question and answer) and examination to ensure that this procedure is safe. Some things the doctor will ask are: General health conditions, including history of allergies and c
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Come on, Know the Dangers of Sepsis during Pregnancy and How to Overcome It

Although every pregnant woman wants a healthy pregnancy, there are times when the infection attacks and causes a number of complaints and disorders in the body. If not handled properly, the infection can continue into sepsis you know, Pregnant women. Sepsis is a complication and an advanced stage of infection. Infections that do not get proper treatment can spread through the bloodstream throughout the body and cause sepsis. Sepsis in pregnant women or maternal sepsis can be triggered by health problems, such as urinary tract infections and pneumonia. Recognize the Symptoms of Sepsis during Pregnancy During pregnancy, some complaints can indicate that pregnant women are experiencing an infection that if not treated can continue to become sepsis, namely fever, the feeling of being unwell, experiencing complaints such as flu, pain or discomfort in the abdominal area, even diarrhea. Pregnant women should immediately check the condition to the obstetrician if they experience some of

Benefits of Cassava Leaves and Processed Recipes

Cassava leaves are not only good to be enjoyed in processed vegetables, but also contain higher protein than other vegetables. Let's get acquainted with the benefits of cassava leaves and the ingredients in them. Maybe you never imagined before that cassava leaves contain high protein, including when compared to spinach. Besides containing protein, cassava leaves, including foods high in fiber. Benefits of Cassava Leaves Protein in cassava leaves is needed by the body to replace the protein lost through hair, skin, and body tissues. While fiber is needed to absorb water and facilitate digestion. Below are some of the benefits of cassava leaves based on the protein and fiber content in them: Rich in protein The protein content of cassava leaves is believed to help the production of hormones and enzymes that the body needs, as well as repairing and forming body tissues. Eating foods that contain protein can make a person feel full longer. Therefore, cassava leaves are als